TEAM Architecture - LLC is an architectural design firm built to emphasize personal service and a true TEAM approach to design.  The founder of the firm is Doug Allison, AIA who was raised in rural Kansas and inherited a strong work ethic and a desire to serve.  Doug has over 25 years experience in the practice of providing quality architectural service.  A unique combination of circumstances and events inspired the creation of this practice of architecture geared toward assisting business owners, government entities, homeowners, churches, and non-profit organizations. Ask Doug about it sometime.  He would love to share the longer version of the story.

We strongly believe, as implied by our name, that cooperative and collaborative teamwork is essential in achieving extraordinary success with any architectural endeavor.  No single individual is likely to have all of the answers relating to any given project, but working together as a TEAM with owners and other design professionals, drawing upon the expertise of each other, we will achieve excellent results, a project that works well for the owner and a project we can all be proud to have been a part of. 

We believe TEAM Architecture - LLC brings a unique combination of experience, skill and value to your project.  Our considerable experience has taught us how to lead clients to work as a team, gaining consensus through the process and finishing with a great project.  In addition, our relationships with other design and construction specialists ensure the assembly of a design team well suited for your project.  We take pride in producing quality documents in a timely manner and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to assist us in that regard.  The quality of our work results in producing the most competitive bid environment, significantly reducing the potential for construction related problems on your project.  Our detailed cost estimating technique leads to a realistic budget and helps to guide design toward fiscal responsibility.   Similarly, we make a conscious, consistent effort to keep our overhead costs as low as possible in order to bring our clients a very cost-competitive design option.



We are currently licensed to practice Architecture in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah and Pennsylvania.

Doug Allison is NCARB Certified which allows prompt licensure in any U.S. state.


Whether your project is RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, EDUCATIONAL or WORSHIP centered and whether it involves remodeling existing space, expanding existing space or building new space TEAM Architecture - LLC can help you analyze your needs, develop a budget for your project and produce the design and documentation necessary to bring your dream to fruition!

Our Services Include:

Building Site Analysis                
Evaluate & Document Existing Facilities        
Project Programming                 
Project Planning / Master Planning        
Design for Site Improvements            
Design for New Building Construction        
Design for Building Additions            
Design for Remodel Construction            
Design Team Coordination                
Cost Analysis
Architectural Rendering
Historic Preservation
Interior Design
Tenant Finish Design
LEED Certification Design & Documentation
Building Code Analysis
ADA Analysis & Corrective Design
Bid / Negotiation / Contract Administration
Construction Administration